Flower Essences for Babies and Children

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Walnut – main remedy
Pink Flannel
Impatiens - If the child is irritable and restless
Holly - if the child is moody and aggressive
Chicory – If very clingy
Cherry Plum
Elm these 3 help settle the child down
White Chestnut
Amber Gem Essence – to help with inflammation

Restless sleepless babies
Star of Bethlehem – Trauma/shock at birth
Aspen, Mimulus, Rock rose – for fears or terror
Impatiens – Impatience Restlessness
White Chestnut – for an overactive mind
Chicory – If the child seeks attention
Holly – for anger and shouting and jealousy
Sweet Chestnut – For a child that is distraught

Cherry plum – fear of losing control
Pine – Feeling guilty
Willow – If child feels resentful or sulky
Chicory – If it is means of getting attention

Vervain – If over enthusiastic and cant settle
Scleranthus/Wild oat – If they jump from one activity to the next

Temper Tantrums
Cherry Plum
Vine – If the child bully’s others and doesn’t listen to authority
Chicory – If child is demanding and in need of constant attention
Walnut – Going through a transition such as teething, moving house , starting school or arrival of another sibling

Chamomile – To calm the child down
Pink Flannel – For inflammation
Yarrow – To help with the digestive system
Lemon Balm – For anxiety and to bring a sense of calm
Star of Bethlehem

This info taken from The Little Book of Bach Flower Remedies by Sven Sommer

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