Womens’ Health with Flower Essences

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Impatiens – If you feel impatient or irritated
Walnut – Transitional time
Mustard – Depression
Beech – Annoyance and intolerance
Cherry Plum – Uncontrollable Rage
Crab Apple – Feeling bloated or ugly
Holly – For your temper
Rescue Remedy – Anxiety and tension
Willow – Anger and resentment
Scleranthus – mood swings
Chicory – Self pity, feeling neglected, easily hurt
Hornbeam/Olive – If you feel tired or exhausted
Elm – If you feel stressed or overwhelmed
Water Violet – If you want to be on your own

For periods
Scleranthus – if irregular or sometimes heavy or light
Rescue Remedy – Painful periods
Rock Water – If you are too hard on yourself
Holly – If pain is making you feel aggressive
Impatiens – If you feel impatient or irritated
Clematis – If you feel dizzy
Cherry Plum – If pain is worse before the period comes
Star of Bethlehem – Shock to the system

Pregnancy/ Birth
Rescue Remedy – For morning sickness or if you are tense and nervous
Mimulus – If you feel afraid
Scleranthus – Hormonal imbalance
Walnut – Transition and change
Willow – Resentment
Hornbeam – Tiredness, no energy
Olive – acute exhaustion
Elm – Feeling overwhelmed
Crab Apple – Not liking how your body looks
Red Chestnut – If you are over anxious about the baby or the birth

Infertility/ Miscarriage
Aspen – Unknown fear
White Chestnut – Worrying thoughts going round in your head
Gentian – Disappointment and setbacks
Agrimony – For putting on a brave face
Sweet Chestnut – for despair
Star of Bethlehem – Sense of loss and grief

Walnut is the main remedy here
Rescue Remedy and Scleranthus – For mood swings and hot flushes
Mustard – For Depression
Honeysuckle – Dwelling on the past
Mimulus – For fears
Holly – Anger
Cherry Plum – If you feel you might loose control

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