Flower Essence Consultation

Mother Nature is a true healer and one of her most powerful gifts comes in the form of flowers!

Rainbow Therapy Treatment

Our unique Rainbow therapy is a holistic treatment and a TREAT for your body and mind.

I am Sharon Bingham a holistic therapist specialising in illuminating and re-energising the rainbow colours in your body. I work with flower essences, crystals and Metatron Colour Aura Sprays to bring balance to your body.


My name is Sharon Bingham and I have been interested in complimentary medicine for as long as I can remember. I believe you need to look at the whole person, their lifestyle, their diet and how they live their life every day.

What our clients say

Sharon is amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge and you just feel so much better after a session from her. X Thanks Sharon

Sharon Wellings

Really enjoyed session at Barron Hall learning about Bach remedies, and aromatherapy and crystals. What a lovely way to spend an evening. Sharon you were very patient and made sure everyone was included. Thank you.

Jacqueline Barrow
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Conversations with My Complex Crazy

Recently I had a great conversation with Glenda Michelle Burns of My Complex Crazy. The main question I get asked is “how do flower essences work?” and this was the main focus of our chat. We talked about how I got started, the benefits of flower essences, and Glenda’s work in mental health, and I […]

Flower Essences for Babies and Children

Teething Walnut – main remedy Pink Flannel Impatiens – If the child is irritable and restless Holly – if the child is moody and aggressive Chicory – If very clingy Cherry Plum Elm these 3 help settle the child down White Chestnut Amber Gem Essence – to help with inflammation Restless sleepless babies Star of […]

Womens’ Health with Flower Essences

PMT Impatiens – If you feel impatient or irritated Walnut – Transitional time Mustard – Depression Beech – Annoyance and intolerance Cherry Plum – Uncontrollable Rage Crab Apple – Feeling bloated or ugly Holly – For your temper Rescue Remedy – Anxiety and tension Willow – Anger and resentment Scleranthus – mood swings Chicory – […]



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