Metatron Colour Aura Sprays

Introducing Metatron Colour Aura Sprays
At present there are 30 sprays to choose from, each made with love by Amanda Ellis of, an angelic healer, guide and teacher specialising in Metatrons energy
And Sharon Bingham Rainbow Therapies is now offering Metatron Colour Healing level 1 and 2 which uses these wonderful sprays
The different rainbow colours help a wide range of problems (physical, emotional and spiritual)
They all contain a combination of essential oils and blessed water, charged with Metatron energy which is boosted via sacred geometry and sound with crystal essence

Bronze – Earth Star Used for grounding, Connection to Archangel Sandalphon and when going through change
Crimson -Basel Chakra Strength, Health, Abundance and when the physical body needs support
Plum – Sacral Chakra Creativity, Healing/Trauma/Shock, Inspiration, Sexuality
Fuschia- Solar Plexus When a kick start is needed and for re-igniting your own flame and Passion
Lime – Heart Chakra for Growth, Clarity, Raising the Divine Feminine Energy, Relationships and Grief and Heartbreak
Jade – Higher heart/Thymus Protection, Strengthening the Immune System. A must for healers and anyone working with the public
Aquamarine – Throat chakra Communication, Judgement, Listening and for being heard, Public speaking
Teal – Alta major Forms a merkaba star shape around the whole upper body and allows this space to open up, for letting go of old thought forms, for balance and inspiration and protection
Quartz – 3rd Eye Clarity, Focus, Opening Intuition, Sinus and Headache Problems, Helps to see clearly in to the future
Silver – Crown chakra Physical level, headaches and pains, Spaced out, Not being able to switch off, Opening to Spirit/Angels
Lavender – Soul Star Chakra Softness, Grace, love, Guidance, Brings in the new you, Connecting to your higher self
Gold – Stellar Gateway Ascension, Enlightenment, For use during meditation, Visualisation, Spiritual truths, Accessing wisdom, Protection

Lemon – Joy spray Happiness, Healing Inner Child, Confidence, Laughter, helps with depression, SAD Disorder
Flame – Guiding Light Connection to Metatrons New Energy, Support and seeking way ahead, Illuminating, purification
White Light – Merkaba Energy Spray Expansion, Purification, Cleansing, activating light body, Use to clear rooms of negative energy
Rainbow Bridge – To let go of the fear of death and release once more into spirit, Also helps yourself to release what you don’t need
Bluebell Bridge – For loss and Grief Takes you to a place of peace, Stillness and calm, Reminded of the angels love and support
Midnight Indigo – Light in the dark scans our body to lift out fear and negative emotion Use in times of stress or trouble, fear or worry “light in the dark”
Sunrise – New Dawn Use with midnight Indigo to help step into our power and light Welcome in a new day with positive energy and thoughts
Emerald – Birthed in N.I. Renewal, Recovery and Repair, deep healing , All of the body Especially the heart, Good for grounding
Sapphire – Divine Peace Spray To find that still space within our heart, Our sanctuary and place of refuge, healing
Rose – Inner Child Embracing, healing, Listening to and Incorporating your inner child into your life once more
Lilac light – To still the mind, To go within and find a quiet safe place of balance and peace, Enhances meditation
Christ Light – Cosmic Love For nurturing self, forgiveness, Opening to Unconditional love, dissolving judgement and blame, ending suffering and bringing one back into alignment with soul self
Magenta – Divine Love The bridge which connects us back to divine energy, perfect for healing in any form

Water elemental spray -Use to maintain emotional balance, depression, PMT, Menopause, detox, Urinary Tract Infections, kidney problems, Communication problems
Air Elemental Sprays – Useful for headaches, Asthma, Emphysema or any lung condition, Need for clarity, Fresh thinking, New Perspective, Stress, Panic, fresh starts
Earth Elemental Spray – Useful for travelling, Settling into new places and situations, Leyline work, Visiting Sacred Sites, feeling safe, Connecting to Nature, any lower body muscular, skeletal or joint problems
Fire Elemental Spray – Useful for Purification, Manifestation, Kick starts, Physical energy, Protection, Ambition, Direction, Burning away viruses/colds, Rheumatism, other muscular and skeletal issues
Cosmos Elemental Spray – Find stillness, connection, able to master your own world, creator of all you see and do and allow universal law, energy and love to run through you